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Welcome to Tails & Whiskers

The pet blog for Paws Claws Wings and Things

The idea for a blog has been rattling in my brain for a few years, but actually sitting down to write out those ideas has not been as productive. This is the first step in making a blog happen, a place to share the knowledge that has been gleaned over a decade of working with pets.

From dogs to cats, lizards to birds, and beyond, this blog will feature topics of interest for all pet parents.

A dark tabby cuddling a white siamese mix on a blue bedspread

Check back often

Everyone gets busy and life moves pretty fast, so I don't promise to update this blog with any regularity, but I will promise to at least make posts. Some of the posts may be Amazon affiliate, and if so, they will tagged with "affiliate" and will have a disclaimer at the top; other posts may be informational or educational in nature, and may have downloadable links.

The tail end

I have had a hundred different welcome messages typed out, and each one is so very different: some are long and full of cliches, others are pun-filled and light-hearted, and yet others are just the mad ramblings of my mind. I typed, retyped, and edited them for hours, but frankly, nothing seemed to really be "the one".

The best welcome message is the most simple one: thank you for coming to read our blog.

Don't forget to subscribe to the blog to be notified when new posts are published.

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